Yannick, new fleet manager and Xavier, his colleague in operations

Yannick was expected! He had a great mission: to replace Thierry Galard, who had planned to retire. Thierry has 25 years of fleet management experience, 10 of which were with NTL-FRANCE, a great deal of experience and a man full of humor.

Meeting with Yannick Faust, new at NTL, who joins Xavier to form the duo of fleet managers. Yannick is a quiet force: barely forty, tall, smiling, serious, with a steady gaze that inspires confidence. However, what he likes most about his job is the urgency, the unexpected and the rebound!



As a fleet manager or operations manager, our mission is to organize the drivers’ schedule while ensuring compliance with customer requests and regulations and ensuring the profitability of the routes. In our company, we call him the NTL DEDICATED.

On a daily basis, we make sure that the drivers’ routes are optimized: it’s a combination of constraints imposed by the customer and good logistical sense. We communicate the loading details, we specify the delivery conditions and the specific needs such as handling requirements (pallet truck, unloading through the roof…). Of course, we take into account the driving time regulations!

And the challenge is to make sure that the rounds are profitable. We are vigilant about the fill rate of our trucks in full or grouped loads, optimize the routes, insist on eco-driving


Champs ElyséesWe are very close, both physically and in our relationship. My colleagues in charge of business often call on me or Xavier to ship their clients’ merchandise in NTL trucks: because our routes justify it or because some files have particularities that require a more demanding follow-up. I’m thinking of the transport we did recently on Avenue des Champs Elysées, which is rather difficult to access. The client, a luxury brand, required night-time unloading and handling. By sending a truck and an NTL, we were in complete control!

The fact that we share the same office is very efficient: we constantly exchange information on our transports. And we share the same software and therefore the same schedule!



No two days are alike. We load the day before for the day after, there are many unforeseen events, many changes. You have to be very reactive and know how to bounce back. I also like the interactions with the customers. We are in constant contact. I call them to propose transport on their flows, they call me to propose a transport. It’s a very human job. The fact that we control our own means of transport also offers real autonomy: I am the one who fills the trucks and organizes the rounds, without any intermediary.

I also have a charterer’s hat on and that’s new for me. I am delighted to discover international transport: customs, the different legislations in Europe…


What is the NTL key?

Passage de témoin entre Thierry et Yannick
Passing of the baton between Thierry and Yannick

Lots of touches. Here, we all work in the same area: road chartering, operations, overseas, sales, accounting, quality… It’s enriching and lively.

There is real accessibility with the management, decisions are taken very quickly and in consultation with Erwan! There is also a close relationship with the sales team, with whom we exchange information on a daily basis about quotes, quotations and delivery follow-up.

Of course, the atmosphere is very good, I would say almost family-like: we have lunch together in the canteen, we often have things to celebrate and we even have a table soccer!