For almost a year now, NTL-France has strengthened its shipment tracking service and has recruited a dedicated person. Erwan and Antoine present this service, which is greatly appreciated by our clients:

Antoine in charge of after-sales service and Erwan director of NTL-France


The demand from our customers was strong. They need more and more information to manage their shipments and supplies as closely as possible, and to adapt their stock and production accordingly.

These practices, driven by e-commerce, have an impact on our business as a carrier. We also have to look at the issue of tracking from a technical point of view, as well as from an IT point of view, with the difficulties in terms of interoperability of information systems… Fluidity is not for tomorrow. Yet this is a service that we wanted to provide to our customers.

At the beginning of 2020, we therefore optimized our transport tracking by recruiting a person dedicated to this activity.


Our customers like the fact that they don’t have to do anything. They don’t have to install an application or log into a web portal, or even call to get information. Here, we bring the information directly to our customers. It’s very comfortable for them. They can focus on their business and trust us with their shipments.


This service is offered to all types of customers, goods and transport. It is systematically set up for express transport, when a delivery schedule must be strictly respected, for tight flow sectors such as the automotive industry…

We follow about 200 transports per week!


We track shipments from start to finish: from loading to delivery. But our customers expect to know when their goods have been delivered. Basically, we know in real time where the goods are, but we don’t “pollute” our customers’ mailboxes. We only contact them if the need arises, if something is not going as planned. And we always confirm the delivery of the goods once it is done.

Would you like to try out our personalized tracking service? Just ask us!