Based in Nantes, our origins are as a subsidiary of the German company, Nijmeijer Transport & Logistik (NTL), which operates from Gronau (D48) in the Ruhr.

NTL France was born in April 2011 as a result of Meindert Nijmeijer and Dominique Potier’s idea to create an anchor point in France that could be used for the dedicated management of transport flows between France and Germany.
After six years of growth, NTL France was acquired by the ED-TRANS Group, whose main activity is the road transport of freight in France, Europe and worldwide.



NTL France, national and international transport : competent throughout France, capable across Europe

Our missions

To handle your transport operations in both France and across Europe.

After carefully listening to, and analysing, your requirements, our team tailors a solution that exactly meets your needs: an NTL tail lift vehicle to deliver to a trade show in Germany? A charter solution to deliver to four recipients in Poland? Or a night-time delivery to Paris for an automotive subcontractor? NTL offers you real expertise and know-how at competitive prices.

Our three products: dedicated—with an NTL semi-trailer; direct—through one of our partners; and express—when you have urgent requirements. Our commitment to results and proactive handling of your requirements guarantee you a high-quality service from collection to delivery.

“The acquisition, in April 2017, of NTL France, a specialist in European road transport—particularly in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria—struck me as an obvious choice.

Strengthened by the logistical support that the 60 vehicles that NTL, the German parent company in the Ruhr, could provide, it was clear to me there was scope to pool resources and generate excellent synergies with ED-TRANS, the group that I lead.

Over a year later, we can see that the big winners in this successful marriage are our teams but also—and above all—our customers. ”

Emmanuel Deret, CEO