We have just signed the charter of commitment EVcom of the Voluntary Commitments for the Environment program. For three years, NTL-FRANCE (and ED-TRANS) will work towards a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 5%.


« The energy transition will not happen by itself. The climate challenge is all talk, but it is time to act. As a company, profitability is not our only concern: we put ecological issues at the heart of our actions. » says Cécile JACQUEMIN, General Manager of ED-TRANS and Quality referent. Our transport activities are considered polluting, so we have a lot ofopportunities to reduce our impact. Through a series of actions, we are targeting a 5% reduction in our GHG emissions.


The 3 axes TO reduCE  greenhouse gaz:

  1. Better manage our transportation.

We are strengthening our partnerships with carriers who are themselves committed to an environmental approach and we are intensifying the grouping of orders from our various customers. We offer more road-rail solutions to our customers according to the possibilities offered to us in France and in Europe.

  1. Make our customers aware of environmental issues.

We provide an estimate of the emissions CO2 produced by the transports we carry out. We invite them to anticipate their needs in order to optimize the transport solutions.

  1. Intensify our CSR actions

As responsible employees, we do the right thing: we reduce our water and energy consumption in our branches, we prefer to travel by train between branches…


A central position in the organization of transportation

In addition to these specific and targeted actions, we will use the channel effect by “embracing” our customers and partners in our approach. This is the philosophy behind the EVE transport and logistics program (Voluntary Commitments for the Environment), which is supported by the ADEME, professional organizations and is supported by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. This scheme helps transport organisers to reduce the energy and environmental impact of their activities.


A collective, concrete and measurable commitment

This commitment to EVcom is the best way for us to really act on our impact. The method and tools of the program allow us to measure our efforts precisely, to better exchange data with our customers and partners… This is precious for our teams, who are completely involved in the process.