NTL France unveils a new visual identity and confirms its position as an expert in international road transport.

After ED-TRANS’s acquisition of NTL France in 2017, the companies needed to harmonise identities to increase their visibility. While NTL France’s links to the German parent company that founded it remain intact, the harmonisation of its visual identity enables the company to stress that it’s now part of ED-TRANS Group, a specialist in road, maritime and air transport.

With a turnover of nearly €4m this year, in the space of a few years, NTL France has become a key player in international transport, particularly to and from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria. “The creation of a strong brand image, with a new logo, a new brand tagline, and a new website, had become essential. After six years of sustained growth, in 2018, we decided to develop a real communications platform to ‘get our know-how known’ ”, enthuses Erwan Moyon, Director of NTL France. “What’s more, our trucks’ new colour scheme will add to the impact!”